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Connecting Life With 3G…

Hi everybody;

Before begin this tutorial, it’s include WM(Windows Mobile) informations for use your phone as modem.

Today, i give you some tips about 3G. We assume you gave a 3G from your mobile service provider. You have to set your phone’s configuration for 3G.

Let’s see… How can you configure your mobile phone?

In your mobile phone’s settings, there is a option as your mobile operators frequency band choice. You must set this option as WCDMA or automatic. After then you may reset your phone.  And then you might connect to the internet from your mobile 3g rate. Now on you can connect to the internet into the phone but… If you want to use this connection on PC you must do someting. In this point, i become a part of an activity.(You can call me from +90xxxxxx 🙂 )

How can you use your mobile phone as 3G modem?

The simple way for this, when you bougth your phone, you must be gave your usb connect cable. When you plug this cable to pc and the phone, it’s create a network between your pc and phone. But this network is local network, you can not connect to the internet. For connecting to internet wm has an application as internet connection sharing (ICS). From this application you chose pc connection (usb or bluetooth) and network connection. After this steps you press connect button and you connect internet from the computer.

How can you share your 3G more computer?

If you have usb supporting modem you can plug your phone to this modem and you run ICS application from phone. You share an internet with this way. But what if your model doesn’t support usb? You can create adhoc with wifi in windows mobile but this is just local area. If you share your internet from wifi you must give a third party application wmwifirouter is good internet sharing application with this application you can setting up your internet sharing configuration very easy. but adhoc is only 1 machine. From your adsl modem create local network. When you make this set modem’s dhcp mode enable. Connect this local network from your mobile phone. If your mobile phone’s ip be a static, it’ll be good. And connect from other pc to this network. Dhcp give an ip to theese machine, and you must set gateway and dns ip to the phone’s ip. That’s it. you can connect to the internet from the other machines.

I connect from ubuntu to the internet while i wrote this article. Don’t forget your phone be just a modem, you connect internet from this modem in any platform. And internet connection is yours. You can use VoIP from your mobile phone with using like fring application. The internet connection is in your hand.

Just imagine and don’t give up the R&D…

Special thanks for valuable helping to Mr. Braggiotti, Silvio.


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